Unveiling the Tesla Cybertruck's Expected 350-Mile Range

"The Enigmatic Tesla Cybertruck: Unanswered Questions Surrounding its Driving Range"

In 2019, when the Tesla Cybertruck was initially unveiled, it presented various performance figures on stage, even showcasing a 500-mile version. However, two years ago, the Austin-based EV manufacturer removed all technical details from its website, creating uncertainty about the truck's expected range

Now, a post on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum reveals that Tesla's delayed truck may provide approximately 350 miles of range. The user CHC spotted a release candidate (RC) unit of the electric pickup at a Supercharger in Mojave, California and decided to inspect it closely.

Cybertruck's Mystery Range: A recent sighting at a Supercharger revealed Tesla's electric pickup's unknown range. A Tesla engineer mentioned it's at least as good as a Model X.

Competition's Range: The Rivian R1T offers 270-410 miles of range, while the Ford F-150 Lightning provides 240-320 miles, depending on specifications.

Cybertruck Updates: Tesla continues to refine the Cybertruck's features, with deliveries starting soon. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) hints at its competitive edge over the Ford F-150 Lightning.