Monitoring Server Resources on Linux – Commands for Server Usages

This topic Monitoring Server Resources on Linux – Commands for Server Usages is really helpful for seeing or monitoring your Linux server.

If you want to see RAM usages, CPU Usages, Disk, Memory System, and more things

Log in with your SSH to the server. to view this stuff.

df -hDisplay the available disk space and usages status on Linux and Unix.
ncduIt’s the same work of df -h but it’s easier to see the available disk on Linux Server and it organized.
sudo ncdu -x /Scan all files and -x for only scan, not all mounted files and only for local file system and / for target root directory or root file system
free -mLinux Command for RAM Usage or Display the actually how much memory is available or RAM usages.
uptimeDisplay CPU Usages or Load Average.
htopDisplay CPU or Load Average and RAM Usage, it’s more useful than uptime, it’s displayed live.

Disk Usages Check by Command on Linux Server.

df -h

df Linux command meaning or df Linux full form is Disk Free and Available Disk Space.

storage usage command for Linux server for display storage and Mounted.


there is a tool that helps you to more easy way and managed way to display Disk Usages and file system.

This is, ncdu

just type on terminal ncdu but it’s not installed by default on the system so you need to install it.

for install ncdu type sudo atp install ncdu or sudo yum install ncdu.

Then just type ncdu on the terminal and see the storage status and details on organized

You can behave like folders, press down arrow for view below folder and accordingly, you can press any arrow key, and if you want to go inside the folder then just press the enter key on the keyword.

For the exit ncdu just type the q on the keyword.

ncdu in Linux for display disk space

ncdu -x / ( ncdu and minus – and x and single forward slash as the target root file.)

It displays the entire file system for each and individual directory in the root file system, you can see the particular disk usages and on the top, most usages files or directories.

How to see CPU Usages or Load Usages on Linux Server by Command?


Linux Command for CPU Usages or Load Average, several different ways that we can view the CPU Load and Usages one of which is uptime.

uptime command is primarily used to see how long the server has been online.

CPU or Load Average display Command on Linux

Essentially, the load average has three numbers and each number shows the load average over period of time, periods are 1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes, so we can see on the image there is 0.00 as the usages over the last minute, 0.01 minutes last 5 minutes and 0.05 is the usages over the past 15 minutes.

Ther is another tool that helps to easier to understand CPU usages and RAM as well.


just install it,

sudo apt-get install htop and for centos sudo yum install htop.

CPU and RAM Usages Display By Command on Linux

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