Linux Basic Command

ls -alDisplay file and folder List on system
pwdDisplay Currant Work directory like /home/touchme PWD full form on Linux Print Working Directory
ls /mnt/Display the Windows drive like C and F (mnt full form Linux is mount this works for directory, sub-directory USB etc. it’s for mounting storage)
cd /mnt/cFor Go or switch the drive cd mean change directory so cd /mnt/c for go inside the c folder or directory
cd ..Go Back – cd.. mean if you inside c drive and want to come back just type cd space .. cd ..
touchTouch commend for creating the new file like test.txt
nanoNano for editing file like test.txt (for the edit test.txt just type nano test.txt and it will open you can write whatever you want like hi I’m test) on the editing nano CTRL+X for exit and Y for save and hit enter.
catopen the file for read like cat test.txt then it will be show what you are written on this file, example hi I’m test
mkdirCreating new folder or directory, just type mkdir and folder name then you can see the created folder or directory. mkdir mean make directory. example mkdir Document.
mvMove the files and Directories MV full form in Linux Move but how to move let see example
just type mv and file name and type where do you want to move

mv customer.txt company/
customer.txt is the file name which you want to move and company is the folder and and last / slash mean inside the company folder. another example

mv /mnt/c/Users/HP/Desktop customer.txt /mnt/c/Users/HP/company
this is the base on path there could be path name like /var/ so on.
cpCopy and past any folder and files it’s same like mv, cp full form in Linux copy. cp and which file and where.

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