How To Install CyberPanel on Ubuntu | Centos | AlmaL [100%]

how to install CyberPanel

Install CyberPanel on a Centos 7. x, Centos 8. x, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, or AlmaLinux 8 server, It’s easy to Install CyberPanel on this OS.


  • Server with a fresh install of Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04
  • Python 3. X
  • 1024MB RAM, or higher
  • 10GB Disk Space

Install CyberPanel

Install CyberPanel 

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y // for update

how to install cyberpanel on centos 7? and more?

For CentOS/Alma/Rocky:

sudo yum check-update
sudo yum update

cyberpanel install script

sh <(curl || wget -O -

if you are not root then use this command

sudo su - -c "sh <(curl || wget -O -"

that's it, 

you don't need another linke more.
now just asked you some info on terminal like Y or No, you can do as per you choice.

You can follow bellow for full details.
CyberPanel Installer Choose 1 or 2 Just select 1 for select 2 for the exit.
CyberPanel Installer Choose 1 or 2 Just select 1 for select 2 for the exit.

Choose 1 or inter the 1 option to Install CyperPanel.

and you will see this information next.

Choose Install CyberPanel plan for your option  1 for OpenLiteSpeed 2 for Enterprise
Choose Install CyberPanel plan for your option 1 for OpenLiteSpeed 2 for Enterprise

and Now you will ask to choose an option, Inatall CyberPanel provides two types of options one OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise.

If you are not Enterprise then

Select or Inter 1 to Install OpenLiteSpeed CyperPanel.

and it will be asked again for full installation

CyberPanel asking Do you want to Full Install or not

Now press Y for Full Install CyberPanel.

installer again asked you for a Remote MySQL setup

That means your website database is away from this server and want to connect with it and want to set up for this?

CyberPanel Installer asked Do you want to SetUp Remote MySQL

If you use MySQL database on the same server then just type N

Inter N for set default or same location database.

CyberPanel Installer asked you to Choose which CyberPanel Version do you want to Install.

Just Inter and go ahead.

If you want to install CyberPanel for older versions then you can choose from a list like inter 1.9.4 or 2.0.1 etc.

to the Latest Install CyberPanel version just input the inter keyword, or just inter.

CyberPanel Installer asked to choose Password Type.

Now Install CyberPanel asked you to choose a password for your login on CyberPanel after successful installation.

for the 1234567 just type d (default)

For the random password type r


For your own password just type s and inter

Choosing your own Password just type s for CyberPanel login access.

If you choose S for your own password set on the CyberPanel login admin panel then enter your password now

example Best@toBE21

after successful install CyberPanel, you will use this password

user name will be

User:- admin

Password:- Best@toBE21

Yes, admin is by default.

Install CyberPanel asked for PHP Extension was needed or not

Y you can type Y for installation for the PHP extension.

CyberPanel Installation asked for Wish to install Radis Process PHP extension

Now Type Y for further process.

Install CyberPanel asked for Watchdog need or not to see the process.

It’s taking for you do you want to see the install CyberPanel details on log

type Y to see or not run the watchdog kill

installed CyberPanel complete details.

Finally, you have successfully installed CyberPanel.

Now restart your system and type Y

How to Go CyberPanel Admin Panel?

It’s easy to go installed CyberPanel Admin Panel just type on your IP address browser URL bar and access it

Add just :8090 after your IP address on the Browser URL bar.

log in with the user password.

After restarting your system and re-login

here you can see this again and again this information login by ssh to access your installed CyberPanel from the browser.

After CyberPanel is installed, restart and information of CyberPanel for access.

Hope you got it.

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