HTML Tutorial | Day 1 Basic to Advance


HTML Tutorial Introduction

This is the HTML tutorial for introduction basically HTML for the website design and development.

  • HTML stands for hypertext markup language
  • It’s easy to learn
  • HTML like a human body there is a header footer body like this one.
  • It’s anyone can learn
  • It’s has a lot of descript tags or HTML tags it can easily learn.

What is HTML How Does it Work?

How to Start learning HTML code

Yes, it is too much easy just you need to have a computer and download the code editor like Visual Studio Code or any other.

  1. First download Visual Studio code and install it
  2. Second open it Visual Studio code
  3. Make the folder on your computer and name it whatever you want and anywhere.
  4. Inside the folder create a file name whatever you want but you need to add a special extension is that is dot HTML (.html) or from the visual studio code create the new file and save it on your folder.
  5. example htmltoturial.html
  6. In this example htmltoturial is the file name and .html is the extension to represent website file or html file.
  7. Now you are ready to do.
  8. Just open your file and folder on the Visual Studio code text editor.
  9. Whatever do you write on this text editor or this file this will appear on the browser, so write something on the file and save it and go to your folder and double click it will be open on your browser and you can see what you wrote.
  10. Congress you are successfully write code and the html file.

You can see the below example to

hello this is the text

This is the just test text on the HTML file, but the HTML have its own standard rule to write managed content that we need to follow the HTML syntax or rules.

Fast we understand HTML tag HTML tag is the syntax of HTML language

Inside the is greater than and is less than has a special character that calls HTML tag

See the example <> this is the is less than and is greater than, inside these add the special character not your own but has specified, like HTML <HTML> this is basically opening tag.

What is opening tag in HTML ?

HTML Opening tag is the nothing just starting phase and after starting tag you can add your own content whatever you want in at last you need to close it with HTML closing tag.

<special> example <HTML>, <p>, <head>, <footer> etc.

In HTML opening tag start with is greater than is less than <> and need to add a special character which is predefined

What is HTML closing tag ?

HTML closing tag is just a closing the opening tag where opens the opening tag there’s need to be have closing tag this is the HTML rule and syntax

</special> example </html></p></head> etc.

The HTML closing tag has only additional forward-slash (/) with is greater than and is less than </> and predefined special character.

This is the perfect example of the or correct syntax to writing HTML code.

<!doctype html>
       <title>Html Tutorial</title>
       hello this is the body section

In the opening and closing tag, you can add what you went above this example inside the title opening tag and the closing tag has an HTML tutorial in this section you can add your own.

Copy and paste this code and on your created file and save it and run the browser (dabble click on your created file example index.html) and after trying to write from the beginning.

What is head in HTML ?

HTML syntax is common to use a head tag comes with just after HTML tag this HTML tag basically for something in the head not for the display on the website, head mean like human mind or head, what is inside on the mind that does not appear or see, likewise on the HTML especially for special things on the first run the code.

You may think there is the title and inside the title tag has an HTML tutorial and it will appear on the browser title yes this title appears on the browser but there are other things that do not appear.

What is body in HTML ?

Body in HTML is just like a human body in these body sections you can add whatever you want to display, on the body sections you need to add specific tags for specific purposes. On the website whatever you see these are from the body and whatever you want to try to code, only body section you need to add.

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