[Fixed] Unable to locate a class or view for component

It’s easy to solve it

If you are facing the problem on unable to Unable to locate a class or view for component then just check your spelling

right spelling

<x-app-layout> Is it your correct spelling?

If it good still not working?

then you are just coping the already created component and renamed, don’t do this.

you need to create a component and layout with

php artisan make:component

then you can do it again

if you are using admin component then

php artisan make:component admin

then you will see there 2 files one in app/view/Component/admin.php class file

And another file will be resources/views/components/admin.blade.php

Just you are created by php artisan make:component admin command then it works now.

check it



Blade components are reusable templates that can be included in other views using the x-component or x-tag directives. When you define a Blade component, you need to specify the view file that should be used to render the component.

If you want to go to the layout folder or want to ues layout then go form admin class

  public function render(): View|Closure|string
//        return view('components.admin');
        return view('layouts.yourlayout');

See this again

If you add sub directory or folder then you need to use component like


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